Random Food Things

Hi all,

Just some interesting, more-or-less unrelated food links:

1. The Wedge Natural Food Co-op’s “What If” Food Challenge.” Elizabeth Archerd, the Membership and Marketing Manager at the Wedge, took on a very interesting challenge. She decided to live a month (October) as if she had a SNAP food budget, ate as healthfully as possible, and purchased as many organic and local foods as possible. I just wanted to share her experience with all of you to give another approach to eating healthy on a limited budget. Elizabeth and I reached fairly similar conclusions: it is very possible to eat healthfully, organically, and locally on a limited budget, but it takes a lot of planning and effort.  Check it out!

2. Cook for Good. This website has been recommended to me several times as a great resource for eating healthfully on a budget. However, I really can’t figure out how to navigate it, so I’ve never posted it. It’s been recommended to me enough, though, that I figure that’s just me, so here’s the link!

3. Local Food: No Elitist Plot. I’ve heard the claim that local/regional/organic food is elitist many and many a time. Here’s a New York Times article that really undermines a lot of the assumptions people make when they say local (or regional, or organic) food is elitist. Food for thought, indeed.

4. Cereal Crimes. Check out the Cornucopia Institute’s latest report on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in “natural” breakfast cereals. “Crimes” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but their findings are certainly eye-opening.



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